Daan de Leeuw

Daan de Leeuw
Specialist Woodwork

Hanekampweg 33b
7104 AW Winterswijk

Mob: +31 (0)6 20254317
E-mail: info@bijzonderehoutbewerkingen.nl
About Daan de Leeuw
Daan de Leeuw was born in 1963 in Lichtenvoorde and has always been interested in woodwork. He studied technical education for the building trade and continued studying in Rotterdam to get his degree in Furniture Making and Restoring Antique Furniture. He successfully ran his own workshop in Holland for seven years and carried out restoration work for private and trade people in the Antique world.

After travelling around the world for 1 ½ years he landed in Wales where he worked as a woodwork teacher. In these 9 years he studied several different crafts connected with nature e.g. Wool work, Leather work, Woodwork, Basketry and Willow work, Metal work and Clay work. He has led several Craft camps and organised many seminars. He also developed craft courses in connection with the OCN (Open College Network) a national accredited body in the UK. He guided young co-workers in their craft workshops.

In the meantime he designed and made his own authentic furniture and learned from a well known Wales chair maker John Brown the craft of making the "Welsh stick chair" These chairs are hand made and have an adzed seat. A wonderful example of good craftsmanship.

In April 2006 he exhibited in London at the Inspirational Arts Festival. He has been officially invited by the International Scientific Committee Biennale Florence to exhibit in December 2007.