Daan de Leeuw

Daan de Leeuw
Specialist Woodwork

Hanekampweg 33b
7104 AW Winterswijk

Mob: +31 (0)6 20254317
E-mail: info@bijzonderehoutbewerkingen.nl
The workshop of Daan de Leeuw

A professional workshop, located just 1 mile outside Winterswijk and fully equipped with all the necessary tools and machines. In the workshop many antique furniture's are restored or new projects are being under construction. French Polishing can be done in a separated room next to the dusty workshop. I use as much as possible environmental friendly finishes for my furniture’s like wax, oil and French polish.

The office can be used for discussions and meetings. It's a place where all our photographic work can be seen and information gathered for any project.